What is a WhatsApp CRM?

Weka: A CRM On WhatsApp Web for Broadcast

What is a WhatsApp CRM? 

WhatsApp CRM is software that helps you manage your WhatsApp workflows and communication better. There are two types of WhatsApp CRMs: 

  1. CRMs that use WhatsApp official APIs
  2. CRMs that don’t use WhatsApp official APIs

CRMs that use WhatsApp official APIs:

Companies like Wati, Business on Bot use WhatsApp official APIs

  • Suitable for businesses that want to send 1000s of bulk messages daily and manage workflows involving big teams using WhatsApp's official API. 
  • Have to submit a lot of paperwork to get approvals for WhatsApp official API. 
  • Have to spend a lot of money for marketing messages 
  • Can’t use the API number for manual WhatsApp use cases. 
  • Not suitable for small teams

CRMs that don’t use WhatsApp official APIs. 

Companies like Weka, Cooby don’t use WhatsApp official API and come as a layer on top of WhatsApp web. They are chrome extensions and can be installed from the Chrome Web store. 


  • Can install from chrome store and start using within a minute. No paper work needed 
  • Can continue use the WhatsApp numbers. 
  • Customise based on your business use cases. Can build sales funnels and other workflows using custom tabs. 


  • Not suitable for some workflows of large teams 
  • Have to be careful not to spam users with broadcasting/bulk messages. 

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