Happy Customers

"Estoy trabajando con Weka y me está funcionando muy bien, lo recomiendo para todas las personas que necesiten un crm fácil de usar y sobre todo funcional"

Daniel Garcia

"Love the product. Makes the life of a salesman very easy. Especially the Quick Replies & the Labels save a lot of time."

Yash Naidu
Sales, Gradvine

"Hi, Recently Explored the product. This has really reduced the confusion in the sales through whatsapp. Every leads is arranged in a very simplified way without any confusions! I would recommend every sales leader to try once. Great Product, Great Support! Kudos Prasanth!"

Himanshu Sharma
Founder, EKAANT

Best Productivity app. Helps save a lot of time in WhatsApp Web. Given the majority of my usage is on the web based application, Weka comes as a saviour as it helps me save time from unnecessary scroll and prevents fatigue due to excess cognitive load. Kudos to the team behind this, Thanks guys! Love and Best wishes!

Pranav Shandilya

I use WhatsApp for work primarily and have been using Weka for about 3 weeks or so. It has helped with with a couple of use cases really well. 1. Segregation of personal and work chats and groups 2. Keeping tabs on Action Points pertaining to different work groups 3. Making sure I don't miss any mentions in groups where I don't read all messages 4. Messaging without saving a number for one-time messages These were all use cases that weren't previously solvable for me without the use of multiple separate tools or multiple devices.

Divanshu Jain
Co-founder, Katch!

"Been a blessing for us to be using this (Weka). Made it super easy for us to manage our internal team and client communications simultaneously.""

Sarthak Agrawal
Co-founder, Material Depot
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