Main Features


Organize your chats

It can be overwhelming and time-consuming to shift between hundreds of chats. Organizing in tabs helps you stay on top of your work.


Chat specific features

Add chat notes to any chat. Schedule messages on a chat. Add a reminder for any chat.

Tab specific features

Broadcast to a tab. Import and export contacts.

Create and use quick replies in chat, broadcast and scheduled messages. Attachments supported!


Our Amazing Features

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Organize your chats

Sort your chats and communicate easily with the custom tabs you create.

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Start a chat without saving the contact

Start a chat with anyone without the hassle of saving the contact.

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Chat notes

Write notes to keep context ready on any chat. Can use it as a to-do list, and jot down notes during meetings.

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Create reminders to never miss a follow-up. Get reminded about anything related to the chat.

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Quick replies

Set quick replies and have replies handy. Don't lose a minute of your busy day.

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Schedule messages

Schedule messages to reach your contact at the right time. Don't worry about missing the replies.

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Import contacts

Import contacts to any tab instead of adding each contact manually.

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Tab settings

Hide, and delete the tabs that are not being used regularly.

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Broadcast messages

Communicate at scale using the broadcast feature.

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Simplify Workflows

Top bar

Create, organize and personalize chats into various tabs.

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Side bar

Add chat notes, scheduled messages, reminders, broadcast to tabs and much more.

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Bottom bar

Import, export and add chats into tabs, start chat with new numbers, create quick replies

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Intuitive User Interface

An Intuitive User Interface is the cornerstone of Weka's design philosophy. Our platform is crafted with a seamless and straightforward experience.

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What Our Clients Say

“This WhatsApp web extension is a saviour. Have been battling to manage hundreds of conversations we get daily from many customers and  With custom tabs managing and tracking conversations is breeze. If you are using WhatsApp web and want to manage your customers and conversations efficiently, this is must for you. Look forward to many more features.”

Abhiram Talluri
Co-Founder, Hinch

"Been a blessing for us to be using this (Weka). Made it super easy for us to manage our internal team and client communications simultaneously."

Sarthak Agrawal
Co-founder, Material Depot

"Sinceramente, o melhor suporte e melhor crm whatsapp que já usei.Já teste inúmeras ferramentas  similares, mas o ( Weka ) é simplismente incomparável, tanto pelo suporte dado, quanto pelo fato de ser perfeito. Resolveu todos os meus problemas de backup online e praticidade em utilizar o mesmo whatsapp em outros computadores, isso se dá por ser sincronizado via núvem.Parabéns aos desenvolvedores, simplismente perfeito a Extensão Weka."

Talysson custodio de assis
Import/export business owner

"Experimentei quase todas as extensões para o WhatsApp, e de longe a "Weka" se destaca como a melhor. É incrivelmente simples e fácil de usar. O maior problema que enfrentávamos na loja era a organização das mensagens, mas agora tornou-se uma tarefa simples, cada conversa tem sua aba própria. O melhor de tudo é que posso usar em dois computadores simultaneamente e as abas são sincronizadas em tempo real, sem a necessidade de backup. Isso foi uma grande ajuda, além dos outros recursos como salvar mensagens e enviar mensagens para números que não estão na lista de contatos. E para completar, o preço é imbatível: apenas R$ 25 por mês. Muito recurso por um valor extremamente acessível."

Daniel Lopes
Business Owner, Brazil

"I give it 5 stars without a doubt. I highly recommend this extension; it's the best possible extension, extremely comprehensive and smooth. It's very intuitive for people who don't know much about CRM, and these days, I can't imagine myself without it in my daily routine. It has reminders, automatic messages, and even the ability to prepare quick messages to streamline the process. It's always up to date and secure. Download it without fear! I highly recommend it."

Rodrigo Soares
Business Owner, Brazil

اداة مميزة وعمليه انصح فيها و بها عدت" مزايافيها تقسيم رسائل العملاء والرجع لها بشكل اسرعتوقيت ارسال الرسائل حسب الوقت و التاريخ المراد بهاوبها منبه للرسائل واضافة ملاحضات خاصه وغيرها من المزايا ..."

Abdul Aziz Alshash
Real Estate Business Owner, Saudi Arabia

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