How to Schedule Messages in WhatsApp?

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Businesses can use the scheduled messages option in WhatsApp in multiple ways. Can schedule all the follow-up messages in a day at once and not worry about follow-ups the entire day. It helps to focus on the other work. 

For many businesses failing to send follow-up messages in WhatsApp is lost revenue. Scheduled messages are super useful in such situations. In Weka, you can create a custom tab for all the chats for which you need to send a follow-up message. The segregation will be helpful while sending scheduled messages.

How to send scheduled messages in WhatsApp using Weka?

Step 1: Go to the side panel and select the schedule message icon 

Schedule a message on any chat you open on WhatsApp
Schedule a message on any chat you open on WhatsApp

Step 2: Select the chat for which you want to send the scheduled message

Select chat and schedule message on WhatsApp using Weka
Select chat and schedule message on WhatsApp using Weka

Step 3: Enter the message in the text box, set the date and time, and schedule the message. There is an option to add attachments if you would like to add any image, file, etc. You can also choose the message and attachments from your existing quick replies and schedule the message.

Enter the message, add attachment and schedule it
Enter the message and schedule it
Step 4: The scheduled message will be sent based on the time set. 

Step 5: We have given three additional options to improve the user experience for scheduled messages. Users can send immediately, edit, or delete scheduled messages even after the message is scheduled.

Upcoming features

We will be adding the option of a recurring schedule message option soon. For example, you need to send a follow-up message every month on the 30th. You just need to schedule one recurring message instead of scheduling a message every month. 

Important Note

Your WhatsApp Web tab has to be OPEN to deliver the scheduled messages. If the WhatsApp Web is CLOSED, the scheduled messages will NOT BE DELIVERED

Please watch the YouTube video on scheduled messages:

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