Five ways to boost customer engagement on WhatsApp?

Weka: A CRM On WhatsApp Web for Broadcast
WhatsApp as a platform for customer engagement has become indispensable for businesses. Millions of businesses have moved away from SMS. Phone calls and Emails and opted for WhatsApp as their primary customer engagement platform. It’s important for businesses to opt for software depending on their requirements and improve their customer experience for WhatsApp engagement.

Few examples of customer engagement using WhatsApp: 

  1. Customer support: Answering customer queries and resolving issues. WhatsApp has become the most preferred channel for customers to reach out to brands. 
  1. Updating customers about the latest business offerings and promotions.
  1. Sending transactional messages like OTPs. 
  1. Sending post-order fulfilment messages. For example, Amazon sends WhatsApp messages about the delivery status of the order. 

How can Weka help businesses to improve their customer engagement on WhatsApp? 

Weka is a CRM to organize your WhatsApp web. You can create tabs to organize chats, send broadcast messages, create quick replies, schedule messages, add chat notes and reminders, import and export contacts, and start a chat without saving a number as a contact. Weka is a Chrome extension and you can install it from the Chrome web store and start using it within a minute. 

Weka provides lot of features for businesses to improve their customer service on WhatsApp. Below are the top 5 Weka features to improve your customer experience on WhatsApp. 

1. Start chat without saving contact: Businesses can start chat without any contact using this feature. This is one of the most commonly used features in Weka. It saves from the hassle of saving contact to send a WhatsApp message. The feature is available in the bottom bar.
You just need to select the country code, enter your phone number, and start chat with anyone. By default, the new chat will be created in the “All” tab. We provide an option to add the new chat directly to a custom tab as well. It saves the effort for customers to first start a chat in the “All” tab and move to a custom tab using the “Sort Chat to Tabs” option. 
Start new chat button on bottom bar
Start new chat button on bottom bar

Start New chat Product Video

2. Unread tab: We gave a default unread tab so that you don’t miss any unread customer messages. 

Unread tab on top bar
Unread tab on top bar

3. No label tab: We give a default no label tab. All the chats which are not part of any custom tabs are present in this tab. It’s easy to check which chats are still yet to be tagged and segregated to custom tabs. This will help you to organize and be on top of the customer conversations. 

No label tab on top bar
No label tab on top bar


4. Chat notes: Businesses speak to a lot of customers on a daily basis. It’s difficult to remember the summary and context of every discussion. So, we designed the option of chat notes for customers to note down the summary of any chat. 

Chat notes for each chat on side pane

Chat Notes product video

5. Quick replies: Businesses need to send a lot of repetitive messages for customer inquiries such as pricing brochures, product catalogs, etc. SMBs can keep the important information handy with quick replies, and share it with customers with a single click. It will save a lot of time for everyone involved. 

Send by hovering on any quick reply created
 Create quick replies button on bottom bar


Send by hovering on any quick reply created



Quick replies product video


WhatsApp has become very important for customer engagement. Weka provides many features for businesses to boost customer engagement on WhatsApp. 

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