Why is multiple language support important when you are building a global product?

Weka: A CRM On WhatsApp Web for Broadcast

Localisation means offering the product in multiple languages so that users from multiple countries can use your product seamlessly. Localisation is an important functionality if companies want to grow their business at a global level. It is even more important if you are building anything related to conversational platforms like WhatsApp. Customers would like to interact with businesses over WhatsApp in their native language. 

Weka is a CRM to organize your WhatsApp web. You can create tabs to organize chats, send broadcast messages, create quick replies, schedule messages, add chat notes and reminders, import and export contacts, and start a chat without saving a number as a contact. Weka is a Chrome extension and you can install it from the Chrome web store and start using it within a minute. 

In Weka, we started offering localisation a couple of months ago. We first started offering Portuguese apart from English. Encouraged by Portuguese adoption, we launched four more languages - Spanish (Espanol), Arabic, Bahasa (Indonesian) and Chinese. 

How to change the language in Weka?

Step 1: Go to the Account section (Top right elephant icon of the side panel)

Account section on Weka
Account section on Weka

Step 2: The default language in the Choose language selection is English. Just click on the drop-down and select the language you want to opt for. 

Choose language by clicking on Language dropdown
Choose language by clicking on Language dropdown

What’s next?

We will be adding more language options soon! We already have users from 85+ countries and can’t wait to provide more language options for users!!

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